Please use the links below to access resources available to all students.

University Handbook

The Mercer University Student Handbook applies to all students, regardless of academic program of study or geographic location (including distance learning students) and is available as a pdf for printing.The online version supersedes any printed version.Some individual colleges, programs, and campuses summarize this information and/or provide additional content and policies that apply solely to their particular students in the form of Supplemental Handbooks. Please note that the Mercer University Student Handbook supersedes information found in Supplemental Handbooks.

Student Assistance Team

The mission of the Student Assistance Team (SAT) is to provide a collaborative approach to identifying and responding to students who exhibit behaviors that indicate the need for intervention.  The goal of the SAT is to provide the safest possible environment for all members of the campus community.

Safety Resources

Campus safety is a high priority at Mercer University.  With open campuses situated in urban environments, the Mercer Police Department (MERPO) works continuously to keep students, faculty, staff and visitors safe through education and safety programs.  In addition, MERPO works with local law enforcement agencies in Macon and Atlanta to identify and stop those who choose to break the law on, and in proximity to, our campuses.

Distance Learning

Students taking courses online who live within a proximity of Macon or Atlanta campus are free to use student services and/or attend student events on either campus. This includes use of recreational facilities, campus life programs. and attendance to athletic events (stipulations on ticketed or limited access events may apply and students may be required to present an active Mercer identification to access the event or facility). 

Campus Maps

Click the appropriate link below to open a print-friendly map of our two main campuses.