Office of Student Conduct Resolution

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Conduct Resolution (OSCR) serves the Mercer University community by defining, interpreting, enforcing and educating students on the university's judicial policy and procedures while promoting intellectual growth, social responsibility, healthy behaviors, and respect for the community through its process.

Community of Respect

Mercer University strives to be a Community of Respect where everyone is held in mutual high regard. Because every human being is created in the image of God, each person deserves to be treated with respect and civility. Standards of conduct are based on the values of mutual respect:

Respect for Academic Integrity

We value a community that encourages an academic atmosphere. We believe that honesty is important to learning.

Respect for Other Persons

We value the worth of every individual in the community and we respect the dignity of each member in the community. We take responsibility for the consideration of the rights of others.

Respect for the University Community

We value showing respect for the rights and property of others. We take responsibility to act to maintain university property.

Respect for Community Authority

We acknowledge and value our privileges and rights as members of the University community. We take responsibility for acting to uphold community standards.

These values are codified into the following Student Code of Conduct, which includes a general overview of the process, a listing of unacceptable student conduct, possible sanctions, and other key information:

University Student Handbook

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Office of Student Conduct Resolution