Wallace DuVall Excellence in Leadership Award

Wallace Odell DuVall was an Atlanta attorney who spent most of his career in the banking industry.  A generous benefactor and longtime friend of Mercer University, he was a founding trustee of Atlanta Baptist College, which merged with Mercer in 1972 and became the University's Atlanta campus.  He served three terms on Mercer's Board of Trustees.  The Dean's Suite at the Law School is named for him, as well as an academic building on the Atlanta campus.


A graduating senior from one of the University’s undergraduate schools and colleges who will complete their academic requirements for graduation by the end of spring semester of the year they are graduating


  • Has the ability to motivate and inspire the confidence and trust of others
  • Possesses vision, intelligence, integrity, and common sense
  • Has a reasonably good academic performance, although the award is based on leadership ability and not on academic performance

Award Winners:

2019  Mica Q. David

2018  Emily M. Thompson

2017  Aaron Micheal Scherf
2016  Joseph Wozniak
2015  Kaitlin Chance
2014  Michael Tekesky
2013  Noah Maier
2012  John Andrew Jones
2011  Margaret "Maggie" McCampbell

2010  Amy Carol Abel

2009  John Christopher Elder

2008  Stephanie Ard, James Derek Cook

2007  Stacey Irene Harwell

2006  Samson Julius Alva

2005 and Earlier
William Arnold

Julia Bowen

Megan Boyd

Michael Bryan

Kala Cartwright

Blair Cox

Daniel Crager

Ben Drew Cravey, III

Rhett Fraser

Crystal Garmon

Tiffany Gibson

Jimmy Thomas Howell

Andy Lane

Adam Neal

Frank Nelson

Pamela Popwell

Emily Salman

Amber Sandlin

Larissa Spell

Eric Trivett

Jamanda Turner

Jamila Wideman

Becky Wilcox

Megin Lea Williams

Gary Wood