Campus-Specific Policy

On this page, you will find Mercer handbooks and the Atlanta and RAC Supplement to the University Handbook.

Click this link to access the Atlanta and Regional Academic Center Supplement to the University Handbook.

Follow this link to be directed to the website for the Office of the Provost, where you will find the Mercer Student University Handbook and additional supplemental handbooks.

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Click here to view the posting map of approved locations for printed advertisements around campus.  Contact Sarah Janusz in the Sheffield Student Center for more information about advertising on campus, (678) 547-6824.

Student Assistance Team

The mission of the Student Assistance  Team is to provide a collaborative  approach to identifying and  responding to students who exhibit  behaviors that indicate the need for  intervention. The goal of the SAT is to  provide a safe environment for all  members of the campus community.

Please review the linked brochure for more detailed information about the SAT.

You will find the form to submit a referral to the SAT here.  Please submit to Richard Stilley at

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General Information Brochure

Referral to Student Assistance Team form