About Student Affairs

For those of you unfamiliar with our division, Student Affairs consists of various non-academic departments and professionals who share one common purpose; to provide students with stellar services and programs that enhance their academic experience at Mercer. In Student Affairs, these departments consist of Housing and Residence Life, Counseling and Psychological Services, Recreational Sports and Wellness, TRIO programs, ACCESS and Accommodations, Judicial Services, Center for Community Engagement, Campus Life, Center for Career and Professional Development, and Greek Life.  Most of the services an be found on both the Macon and Atlanta campuses.  All services are available for students at Regional Academic Centers.

As a division we are committed to creating a student-centered environment that both promotes student leadership and teaches accountability and responsibility. To this end, we believe that students should be actively engaged in the development of the programs and services offered at Mercer. We believe that students learn best when they are actively involved in campus life and program development. So whether a student has an interest in becoming a student leader, learning to develop or refine counseling, financial, programming or organizational skills, or merely has a desire to challenge their critical thinking skills, there are unlimited possibilities to get involved through Student Affairs.

Student Affairs also serves as a resource network for faculty, students, and parents in times of need. Life doesn't always go as planned, and Student Affairs staff can help provide guidance and advice to parents and students experiencing challenges in their lives. These issues can range from roommate conflicts and stress, to mental illness and University policy violations. Whatever the issue, Student Affairs is a good place to begin in seeking out advice, information or services.

This website is intended to provide the University community with general background and contact information on a wealth of programs and services that we provide. However, we recognize that nothing can replace face-to-face contact and communication. Therefore, we encourage you to contact our Macon office at (478) 301-2685 and the Atlanta office at (678)547-6824 Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to obtain any additional information on any of the services that you find on our website. Furthermore, in emergency situations, I can be contacted via the Mercer Police Department at any point by calling (478) 301-2970 in Macon and (678) 547-6358 in Atlanta to deal with a crisis.

On behalf of the Division of Student Affairs, I welcome you all to Mercer and I personally challenge students to find ways to get involved in student life as soon as possible!


Douglas Pearson, Ph.D.
Vice President and Dean of Students