Health-Related Issues -- Sprains & Strains


  • swelling at injury site
  • pain or tenderness in injured area
  • bruising or discoloration
  • decreased movement in injured joint


  • RICE therapy - rest, ice, compression, and elevation
  • apply ice pack to area intermittently for 20 min. periods for the first 24-48 hrs.(wrap ice pack to prevent damage to skin)
  • use an ace bandage to apply compression, don't apply too tightly
  • elevate the injured extremity to decrease swelling
  • take ibuprofen for relief of pain
  • rest the involved area for 1-2 days, avoid any activity that causes pain

Get Advice For

  • intolerable pain
  • swelling or bruising increase
  • inability to move joint
  • numbness or tingling in extremity
  • no improvement after several days