Health-Related Issues -- Nutrition

Recommendations for a Health Diet

  • dairy group: 2-3 servings daily (low fat varieties)
  • milk, yogurt, cheese
  • meat group: 2-3 servings daily (lean meats)
  • meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dried beans, nuts, and peanut butter, egg yolks (no more than 3 per week)
  • fruit group: 2-4 servings daily
  • include citrus fruits for vitamin
  • vegetable group: 3-5 servings daily
  • include green leafy or yellow/orange vegetables for vitamin A
  • bread/cereal group: 6-11 servings daily
  • fats, oils, and sweets: use sparingly
  • fiber: 25-45 grams of fiber daily
  • whole wheat breads, brown rice, whole grain cereals, popcorn, fresh fruit and vegetables, etc.


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