Student Assistance Team

The mission of the Student Assistance Team (SAT) is to provide a collaborative approach to identifying and responding to students who exhibit behaviors that indicate the need for intervention.  The goal of the SAT is to provide the safest possible environment for all members of the campus community.

How do I refer a student?

The easiest way to refer a student to the SAT is to contact the chair of the committee, Dr. Doug Pearson, at (478) 301-2685 or via email at  If you are concerned about a student but have not witnessed any distressing or disruptive behavior, please explain your concern in detail.

Why do I matter?

You may be the first to notice a change in a student's behavior or appearance or can provide valuable information regarding class attendance and social interactions.

Will I receive an update about the student?

Every situation is different.  In general, reporting parties will be contacted only if further information is needed.  Due to the confidentiality of most cases, only limited information will be shared with you.

In an emergency – or after hours


When there is a threat of danger

Contact Mercer Police at (478) 301-2970