Standing Committees

Assessment Committee

This committee oversees and coordinates assessment initiatives for the Division of Student Affairs. It specifically spearheads the administration of the Student Life Survey, a Macon campus-wide assessment of the functional units and services within Student Affairs. Additionally, the committee members serve as a resource for the division regarding broad assessment methods.

  • Dr. Samantha Murfree (chair), Dr. Michelle Currie, Brent Meyer, Bonnie Brucato, Frantz Solomon, and Todd Thomas

Board of Appropriations

The Board of Appropriations is charged with the distribution of student activity funds with the goal of improving the quality of student life.  Requests may be made to the Board by recognized student organizations and special departmental programs or initiatives the directly benefit the student body as a whole (including Mercer related media groups).

  • Dr. Doug Pearson (chair), Tara Barton, Madeline Domino, Edward Fletcher, Heather Foreman, Randall Harshbarger, Alykhan Kaba, Jack Mahaney, Amy Moretti, Melinda Robinson-Moffett, Ashley Smith, Michael Wagner

Diversity Advisory Board

The Diversity Advisory Board was formed to annually look at issues of diversity on campus in a systematic manner and to make recommendations to the Dean of Students.  The Board will meet once per semester to discuss students issues related to equality. The purpose of the Board is to encourage dialogue among a diverse group of students, faculty and staff, periodically gauge the racial/equity climate of the campus, and to be proactive in encouraging a healthy racial/equity climate through activities and programming.

  • Dr. Michelle Currie (chair), Dr. Fletcher Winston, Dr. Natalie Bourdon, Dr. Marilyn Mindingall, Ashley Chackalayil, Dr. Emily Piassick, Dr. Jay Pendleton, Stephen Boyer, Dominique Johnson, Mollie Davis, Brandon Harris-Williams, Debbie Carty, Nichelle Burrison, Dr. Samantha Murfree, Carrie Ingoldsby, Kalie Eaton, Dr. Janell Johnson, Kimberly Falnders, Rainea Cumberbatch, Carlos Diaz, Raymond Partolan, Blaze Jeffrey, Eric Ennuson, Nancy Price, Ijeoma Mbaezue and Kiara Smith

Football/Athletics Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Football/Athletic Advisory Committee is to be proactive and collaborative in planning student events surrounding athletic events, in particular Mercer home football games.  The committee is made up of selected students and staff that have a role in creating atmosphere for home athletic games with a focus on football and basketball.  Members include SGA president and vice-president, class presidents, student representatives from Mercer's Maniacs, Student Affairs staff members and Athletic staff members.  The goal of the committee is to create an environment on campus that allows students to fully engage in unique ways in the excitement that Mercer Athletics brings on game days.  The committee will work together to outline, plan and promote student events for home football games as well as other sporting events throughout the year.

  • Carrie Ingoldsby (chair), Cindy Drury, Daniel Tate, Amanda Carls, Doug Cowden, Current Mercer Maniac President, Current SGA President

Greek Life Advisory Board

The Greek Life Advisory Board was established to address the enhancement of Greek Life at Mercer University. The committee functions as an advisory board regarding issues related to all Greek organizations and makes recommendations to the Dean of Students regarding actions that should be taken to address concerns. It further serves to evaluate Greek Life policies and procedures.

  • Dr. Samantha Murfree (chair), Carrie Ingoldsby, Melissa Mashburn, Ricky Clark, Cindy Drury, Dominique Johnson,  Kimberly Flanders, and Christian Wells.

Leadership Committee 

The Leadership Committee was established to assist the division in being more intentionally holistic in our co-curricular initiatives related to leadership development at Mercer University. Specifically, the committee focuses on clarifying our mission, vision, purpose and strategic plans to address leadership campus-wide.

  • Dr. Samantha Murfree (chair), Brent Meyer, Carrie Ingoldsby, Ricky Clark, Dominique Johnson

Professional Development Committee  

The Professional Development Committee will offer opportunities for the Division of Student Affairs to be inspired by and informed of trends and research in higher education which have an impact on the quality of student life programs and services in the Mercer community.  Opportunities will include, but not be limited to, group discussions, guest speakers, and experiential activities that will challenge participants to expand their knowledge and perspective to education and serving students. A summary of professional development activities can be found here.

  • Dr. Stephen Brown (co-chair), Cindy Drury (co-chair), Michael Castaneda, Charlene Leach, Taylor Jessamy, Jeff Takac

SHAPE Committee

The Sexual assault, Hazing, Alcohol Prevention Education (SHAPE) committee provides educational programs regarding these pertinent topics to the Mercer community. SHAPE is committed to promoting the safety and personal responsibility of its students.  Information is provided to students to help them make healthy decisions. 

  • Dr. Emily Piassick (chair), Melissa Mashburn, Cindy Drury, Josh Gaisser, Ricky Clark, Todd Thomas, and SHAPE graduate assistant:  KC Hewitt

Student Assistance Team

The mission of the Student Assistance Team (SAT) is to provide a collaborative approach in identifying and responding to students in crisis.  The goal of the SAT is to (1) conduct student threat assessment evaluations; (2) increase collaboration and communication between departments; and (3) to identify any patterns of concern related to campus safety.

  • Dr. Doug Pearson (chair), Dr. Samantha Murfree, Dr. Stephen Brown, Dr. Angela Hale, Katie Johnson, Dr. Craig McMahan, Dr. Ed Weintraut, Dr. Emily Piassick, Gary Collins, Jeff Takac, Melissa Mashburn