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Mission of The National Society of Leadership and Success

NSLS is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where like-minded success oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world.

NSLS is founded upon the core beliefs that one can achieve one's dreams with proper support and dedicated action, and that we can accomplish more together than we would achieve alone. Beginning with a handful of chapters, the Society now reaches tens of thousands of students at hundreds of chapters around the world. The Society encourages community action, volunteerism, personal growth, and strong leadership from its chapters and members around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

There are two ways in which you can sign up for leadership training with The National Society of Leadership and Success; by invitation or by nomination form.  If you have not been invited and would like to join, visit to access our online nomination system.

How much does this cost?

Society members pay a one-time registration fee of $85 when applying to join the organization.  The fee includes all membership benefits, partner discounts and a lifetime membership.

How do I become an inducted member of the Society?

The steps that you need to complete to be officially inducted into the Society of Leadership are: 

1. Orientation
2. Leadership Training Day
3. Three speaker broadcast events
4. Three Success Networking Team meetings

Orientation is the first meeting that occurs each semester and will give you access to all the information you need about the program in order to successfully complete the steps for induction as a member.

The Leadership Training Day is a 3-hour  interactive video training session with a workbook designed to help you  identify and overcome any obstacles that may interfere with obtaining your  goals. This introspective seminar helps  you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, in order to shift your focus  toward your real passions.  

At the Speaker Events you will watch some of  the world's most successful motivational speakers discussing topics related to  leadership, identifying goals, facing challenges, personal growth, and  successfully transitioning from college to career.

The Success Networking Team meetings bring  together groups of students that work together and provide peer coaching on  achieving goals. You can discuss goals,  desires and expectations, set timelines and hold each other accountable for  achieving what you want. The Success  Networking Team provides members with a support network of like-minded  goal-oriented students on campus.

How much time will this take?

The average amount of time it takes to complete the steps for membership is approximately 12 hours spread out over the course of a semester. While most members do finish their steps for membership in a single semester, you may take longer if needed (as long as you finish prior to graduating).

What are the member benefits?

When you join some organizations, the information you receive focuses on the material, tangible benefits you receive from membership. A t-shirt, certificate and other goods are nice side benefits, but are definitely not the real value you gain from achieving membership in The National Society of Leadership and Success.

The intangibles that you gain from membership will drive your future and establish you as a leader among your peers, and include: improved self-esteem, peer leadership skills, sustainable motivation and drive, paradigms that will help you discover and achieve your dreams, real world skills that will help you outperform your peers in the workplace, and an enviable network of movers and shakers that are all a part of the drive to create lasting positive change in the world.

You additionally will receive other tangible benefits such as online resources on our website, customized letters of recommendation for prospective employers or graduate schools, graduation accessories that you may purchase and wear at your graduation to display your membership in our organization, access to exclusive scholarships and awards, Success Coaches and our entire Keynote speaker series.

For a full list and explanation of our membership benefits please visit

Any more questions?

Contact Kendra Murphy, Graduate Assistant for Leadership Development, at or at 478-301-2987.