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Mercer University’s co-curricular model for leadership is based on the Social Change Model for Leadership Development, which allows students to engage in leadership at multiple entry points (i.e. Emerging, Experiential, and Advanced).  Currently, a program is in place to support students at the emerging leader’s level. Leadership Mercer is being implemented to support students at the experiential level. The program’s structure is designed to prepare and equip students to be leaders in the 21st Century. In an effort to expand and formalize ways to support students at the experiential level, Mercer is piloting this leadership initiative to specifically target sophomore students.  This new leadership opportunity for students would focus on the three core values of our co-curricular leadership model: service, integrity, and advocacy.  Implementing this program would support the co-curricular leadership development mission of fostering an environment that challenges students to engage in leadership opportunities that educates and advances them as servant leaders.

Leadership Mercer would take place during the entire sophomore year. The program will encompass monthly meetings that focus on the development of a leadership philosophy and enhanced leadership skills, service, networking, and hands-on leadership experience. The effectiveness and success of these efforts will be aided by book discussions, speakers, and interactions with other leaders. Leadership Mercer will collaborate with our local Leadership Macon and utilize Mercer faculty as mentors.

 Program Goals

 Goal 1To assist students in enhancing their leadership develop skills in order to be an effective servant leader.

 Goal 2To provide co-curricular opportunities that allow for civic engagement and community service.

Goal 3To assist students in developing their own philosophy of leadership.

     I.         Core Values of Leadership

                          a.     Understanding yourself- A successful leader knows the leader they want to become; this session allows the cohort to begin discovering more about themselves, each other, and their leadership  

                          b.    Integrity- A successful leader acts honestly and responsibly while promoting ethical principles on the part of one's own organization.

                          c.     Service- A successful leader serves others first. Possibly partner with the Center for Community Engagement for the cohort to participate in a service project for this event.

                          d.    Advocacy- A successful leader empowers others to succeed, grow, and create change.

Program Components

A.     Monthly Seminars A large group discussion with speakers, activities, and practice examples of important aspects of leadership (see Core Values of leadership).

B.     Small groups- Monthly small group discussions of a Ted Talk, small passage, or other additional material as a chance to debrief the monthly experience.

Final Project- A culminating project to work with the entire cohort on a service project to put the leadership skills discussed throughout the year into practice.




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