Concerned About A Student

Help a student

Consultation: If you are unsure of how to handle a troubled student:

Call us at 301-2862 and ask to speak with a counselor. All consultation is confidential.

Please note that students must make appointments for themselves. The best way to help them is to be supportive.

Referral: Tips for referring a student:

We encourage you to speak to the troubled student in person to express your concern and recommend CAPS. You are welcome to accompany the students to their first appointment if they need encouragement.

Some situations are urgent:

  • Fear of harming oneself or someone else
  • Fear of "losing control"
  • Sexual Assault or Date Rape
  • Death of  loved one or close friend
  • Acting strangely or out of touch with reality

In these cases, call CAPS (301-2862) or Mercer Police (301-2911).