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For Faculty

Career Services provides students and alumni with assistance in these areas:

  • Deciding on an academic major
  • Exploring career options for academic majors
  • Locating internships and summer work
  • Identifying graduate school programs
  • Developing and critiquing resumes and cover letters
  • Developing and Critiquing statements of purpose
  • Coaching and interview preparation 

Career Services works with employers and graduate school recruiters by:

  • Scheduling on-campus interviews for students
  • Organizing career fairs
  • Posting job opportunities (full-time and internships)

Career Services and Faculty can work together.

Career Services staff can provide the following assistance to faculty:

  • In-class presentations (any length) on services, trends, or strategies related to career development
  • Presentations to professional organizations and academic clubs
  • Arrange for visiting recruiters and professionals to speak to classes about their  company, agency, graduate school, or industry

To arrange a class visit or an organizational presentation by Career Services staff, please e-mail the following information to Zelda Hill :

  • Class or organizational title
  • Goal of presentation
  • Preferred length of presentation
  • Preferred date and time
  • Location of meeting
  • Number of participants expected

You will receive a response within 24 hours.

Meet with recruiters

Recruiters often want to meet with faculty members when they visit campus.  When appropriate, Career Services will invite faculty to have lunch with recruiters. 

Faculty members are often contacted by employers advertising jobs available for students or alumni.  Career Services can assist with publicizing those opportunities and can furnish résumés to recruiters.

Faculty can encourage students.

  • Advise students to use Career Services for individual assistance for deciding on a major, starting the job search, or looking at graduate school.
  • Tell students to call our office or come by to make an appointment.
  • Encourage students to participate in campus wide events offered by Career Services, such as career fairs or educational programs. Some faculty members include attendance at events as part of a class requirement or offer extra credit for documented participation.  Career Services has a calendar of events on this website.

It’s important for students to connect with Career Services.

Employers and Graduate Schools connect with Career Services at Mercer.  We have a centralized service where recruiters can post their jobs or schedule interviews with students.  Most opportunities come to Career Services by email or a phone call.  Our challenge is to be certain that students know about these opportunities and that they know how to seek out other opportunities. 

Our success in connecting students with opportunities is a determining factor in building lasting relationships with recruiters.  The more success recruiters have with our students, the more often they will return to campus for future needs.

It’s easy for students to connect with Career Services.

Career Services maintains a database called BEARLink where students can create a personal profile that is linked to the email account they use most often.  When Career Services has an upcoming event or program or receives information about a job or internship opportunity, students who are registered with BEARLink then receive a message providing them with important details about who, what, when, and where.  Although Career Services creates posters and utilizes other campus information technology, BEARLink is the most efficient and effective method for reaching students.  Career Services can provide a brief demonstration of BEARLink to faculty or to classes.

Career Services and Instant Gratification

Sometimes students expect immediate results when using a service or office on campus.  Career Services cannot and does not promise that we can help a student find an answer or a job within an immediate timeframe.  The job search is a process that takes time to identify the best resources and tools and to develop a strategy for achieving a goal.  Our staff will meet with a student several times to check on progress and to offer additional assistance.  Faculty can help by encouraging students to start the search process early, whether it’s searching for an internship, graduate school, or full-time employment.