Resume Writing

Your Resume Is An Intentional Sales Piece. 

The sole purpose of your resume is to get you an interview. It should be succinct, brief, targeted to a specific career field, and address the needs of a specific employer. An effective resume should market your relevant skills, knowledge, and accomplishments. Writing a good resume is a time consuming process and it is not uncommon to have several major revisions before completing the final versions. Your resume will change each year you are in school or in the workplace as you add activities, honors and awards, as well as projects, leadership experiences, and achievements. Choosing the right words and phrases are critical in selling your marketable skills and experiences. Since a resume is an individual business communication piece displaying a person's unique qualifications, it should not be prepared by a stranger or hurriedly developed in a generic word processing template or wizard function.

Creating a great resume takes time. Don't wait until the last minute to prepare yours. Remember, quality time plus energy equals quality results (QT+E=QR). Don't you want quality results?

Build Your Resume Using These Steps

Resume Verbs

Resume Formats and Categories

The Scannable Resume


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