Report a Hire

Please Tell Career Management About Mercer University Graduates You Hire.

Send us an email with as much information as possible about each individual. We will feed this data into our ongoing Who Hires Our Graduates report. Employment and Salary information about our graduates is kept confidential. The data is presented, however, in a manner that is useful to both you and our students. Salary figures that you provide allow us to calculate average salaries for each major, which helps you to judge the "market" and gives students a realistic view of potential salaries.

Salaries are never linked to an individual or company. Company name and job title appear with no salary or employee name attached. This information allows students to get an idea of realistic job titles, and it gets your company's name in front of our students as a potential employer.

Send an Email to Report Your Mercer Hire

Please include the following information in your email.

  • Name of Student
  • Student's Major
  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Salary
  • City and State of job location
  • Comments (optional)