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Will you consider relocating to find your next job?  That is the question.  Much thought and deliberation must go into this consideration.  Relocating will affect your personal life just as much as it will affect your professional life.  You have to do your homework before deciding. 

The web site has published a list of cities that are well positioned to receive the Obama Administration stimulus funding. Accordingly, these cities are likely to have good employment outlooks. The top 10 cities are:

    1. Atlanta, Georgia
    2. Autin, Texas
    3. Boston, Massachusetts
    4. Columus, Ohio
    5. Denver, Colorado
    6. Des Moines, Iowa
    7. Indianapolis, Indiana
    8. Madision, Wisconsin
    9. Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
    10. Nashville, Tennessee 

Here are some resources to help you:

Quintessential Careers Relocation Resources

Relocation Tips from Job Web

Cost of Living Calculator