Public Safety Leadership

Choosing a Career in Public Safety.

The Public Safety arena has shifted from distinctive emergency services such as law enforcement, fire and emergency response into a more cohesive and professionalized framework. With new threats demanding an integrated response, a new breed of cross-trained professionals is needed. 

The overall mission of Public Safety agencies is to reduce crime, apprehend those who commit crimes, and respond promptly to natural and manmade disasters.

Some of the career areas for students majoring in Public Safety are: homeland security
cyber security forensics, emergency management, terrorism, leadership and multi-cultural issues.

Job titles:

Director of Public Safety - Google this job title. You will see a multitude of job descriptions.
Public Safety Coordinator

Links to helpful sites:
NCJA Public Safety Career Center 

National Forum on Criminal Justice and Public Safety

The National Forum on Criminal Justice and Public Safety is the only national conference that brings together justice and public safety practitioners with leaders from federal, state, tribal and local governments and the private sector in a neutral venue to share real life solutions that are working across the country.

More information about a career in 
Public Safety coming soon...

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