Negotiating Jobs and Salary

Salary and Benefits

Getting the salary and benefits you desire can be a tricky process of the job-hunting process. The key to successful salary negotiation is research and information. With a basic knowledge of negotiation, your anxiety will be reduced and your success rate for negotiating will increase. There are several ways to make the process of salary negotiating effective. Start by taking a good look at your own salary requirements as well as developing an understanding of what your skills are worth in the current employment market.

Remember, you must have received an official job offer to begin salary negotiation. Until then, there's nothing to negotiate.

Article:  Effectively Negotiating Salaries


National Association of Colleges and Employers 

Since 1956, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has been a leading resource for college and university career services, recruiters, employers, and job seekers.

         If you are seeking reliable and credible salary data, use the NACE Salary Calculator

The NACE Salary Calculator Center is the hub for compensation data, with salary data for more than 1,000 occupations in 560 regions of the United States. The NACE Salary Calculators are easy to use, and the salary survey data sets are updated monthly to ensure consistently accurate salary data.

The WAGE Project

Over her working life, a woman with a college degree will earn $1 Million less than a man. Don't let this happen to you...or your mother...or your daughter. Act Now! Eliminate the gender wage gap for you.

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