Job Search Strategies

Strategies for an Effective Job Search

"If you could attempt anything in your job search today and you knew ahead of time that you were going to be successful at it, what would you do?"

What do you fear will happen if you actually implemented the things on your list to answer the question above?

If you knew you were going to be successful, you would be more willing to act. Right? You would even consider taking a risk or two, wouldn't you?  Why not adopt an automatic, positive outlook to every facet of your job search? Know you will be successful and chances are that success will find you.

How prepared are you for planning and conducting an effective job search?

Successful job seekers must have both good information and well-developed job hunting skills. Three important factors for a successful job search are an awareness of your goals and skills, an understanding of the labor market, and a well planned job search campaign.

Top 10 Reasons Your Job Search Isn't Working
(article from MSN Careers)

Job-Seeker's Glossary of Key Job-Hunting, Career, Job-Search, and Employment Terms   (from

Job Hunting Do's and Don'ts

Mature Job-Seekers:
Some mature job-seekers often help perpetuate the stereotypes about older workers. What kind of image are you portraying to hiring managers, many of whom are much younger than you? Are you branding yourself as an "old dog" or a hot commodity?

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