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The Internet Can Help You.

Expect the World Wide Web to play an increasingly important role in the job search process for years to come. You can research occupations and find out about industry growth and decline. You can reach deeper into your local area as well as take your job search far beyond your geographical boundaries. Although the amount of information on the web can be overwhelming, executing an effective Web job search can be very straightforward. There are many career resources available on the Web to guide you through the entire process.

Links to helpful online resources:

Quintessential Careers is a comprehensive career development site that offers all job-seekers valuable career and job-search information and links to all the best jobs sites on the Web.

Job seekers as well as employed professionals should register for LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn on a regular basis. Recruiters are. Mercer's Career Management Professionals are using LinkedIn too.

JibberJobber is a career management tool that helps you manage a job search and optimize your network relationships - for the rest of your career.

This web-based database allows you to conduct a smart job search where you enter and keep track of your contacts, resumes sent, job applications, follow-ups, etc. It just makes sense to keep track of your search. You will be able to judge the effectiveness of your strategy. Check it out.


The #1 Entry-Level Job Site:

Provides a list of over 300 top entry-level employers, a long list of top internship providers, and more. Check out today!  Career Management gives a thumbs up.

Hoovers includes brief information on 15,000 companies, including an overview of company operations, addresses, phone and fax numbers, names of key officers, a list of top competitors, sales and employment figures, and stock symbols.

Because Hoovers access is provided by the Mercer University Library, a password is required. Getting the password is easy. Just log in to your Mercer student library account by clicking here. You must know your Mercer student ID number to log in to your library account. Alumni who no longer have a Mercer ID number can contact Career Management for assistance.

When you get to the Hoover's login page, you will see a ProQuest logo. This is the interface to get into Hoovers.

2009 Base General Schedule Pay Scale with Percentage Pay Adjustments by Geographic Locality, including Atlanta.


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