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Offering Current, Credible and Customized Career Services to Mercerians.

Serving Campuses in Atlanta, Douglas County, Henry County, Newnan, Savannah and Distance Learners

What Are You Doing to Manage Your Career?

The Office of Career Management serves students in and alumni from all Mercer University Schools and Colleges by providing knowledge, resources, and tools for career planning that involves choosing and setting personal goals and formulating strategies for achieving them. To effectively manage your career, you must skillfully direct your career with a purpose and with care. Clarify your vision of your career now and into the future, identify what skill gaps or other obstacles stand in your way, find opportunities to market yourself, and develop strategic communications. Remember that career management is an on-going process and the staff in the Office of Career Management is here to assist you.

Mission Statement

The Office of Career Management’s mission statement expands the focus of the services provided to students, alumni, faculty, administration, employers, and professional associations. We seek to:

  • promote self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-advocacy through our services.
  • render outstanding service within the framework of the “Community of Respect.”
  • provide leadership to the institution on career development concerns.
  • build and maintain positive relationships with employers, faculty, and statewide career professionals.
  • support institutional outcomes, assessment and relevant research endeavors.

The Office’s mission supports the University’s goals by contributing to “campus resources in partnership with other institutions and agencies to improve the educational, social and economic development of the community.”


The Office of Career Management seeks to be a leading career services center focused on providing non-traditional and professional school students, as well as alumni around the world, with exceptional support during their lifelong process of career development. This vision supports the mission of Mercer University which is to “achieve the field of liberal learning and professional knowledge.”