Starting a New Religious Organization

Starting a New Religious Student Organization

  1. Follow the guidelines set forth by the Religious Life Center:
    1. Submit the Guest Religious Organization Approval Form for University approval.
    2. Submit the Meeting Request Form to confirm logistics.
    3. Get affirmation of the Covenant of Respect and Responsibility.
  2. Submit Constitution and Bylaws to Campus Life. You will need the following information:
    1. Name of student organization
    2. Purpose statement
    3. Officer structure
    4. Ratification Date (current year of the constitution in place)

      Refer to the constitution template if you do not have one for your particular organization. This is only an example. If you have a constitution and/or bylaws, you do not need to fill this out.

  3. To be recognized as a student organization, you need to contact Campus Life at or (478) 301-2868.