Starting a New Student Organization


  1. Submit the Signature Page to Campus Life.
  2. Submit Constitution and Bylaws to Campus Life. You will need the following information:
    1. Name of student organization
    2. Purpose statement
    3. Officer structure
    4. Ratification Date (current year of the constitution in place)
    5. Refer to the constitution template if you do not have one for your particular organization. This is only an example. If you have a constitution and/or bylaws, you do not need to fill this out.

  3. Submit a list of interested members (must have 7 to be recognized)
  4. Meet with a Campus Life representative. Call the office at (478) 301-2868 or email us at to schedule an appointment.
  5. Get approval from the Student Government Association (SGA).


  1. Student organizations MUST be recognized by SGA to operate on campus. (exceptions include departmental orgs such as honor societies, Greek orgs, religious orgs and club sports)
  2. Student organizations will not be recognized if not open to all current Mercer students. This includes general membership and officers.
  3. Student organizations must be recognized by SGA regardless of funding needs.

All elements of this process must be completed before Mercer University will recognize you as a student organization. Contact the Office of Campus Life for any questions: (478) 301-2868 or