Lights On Afterschool


Lights on Afterschool will be coming on October 26, 2017

Help us celebrate afterschool programs in Bibb County! 

Stay tuned for details on signing up your organization!

Step One: Find a Group

This can be your UNV class, your residence hall, a student organization or just a group of friends.

Step Two: Plan an Activity

Dizzy bat races, face painting, fishing for candy--as long as it is fun and age appropriate, it works!

Step Three: Let us Know

Register your group online. Let us know what organization you're with and what activity you're planning. We will let you know what school your group is assigned to and send you directions.

Step Four: Have FUN!!

This event is a blast! There's tons of candy, games, and music and everyone has a great time!


A couple of notes:

  • Your can arrange shifts for your group if you would like (ex. 3:30-4:45 and 4:45-6). We just ask that you have at least two people at your table the whole time.
  • MerServe does not pay for any supplies. It is up to your group to cover these costs or raise the money to do so. We will provide you with a table and chairs to set up your activity. If you are doing something messy (ex. face painting), you MUST bring a tablecloth.
  • We highly encourage you bring candy. Candy makes everything more fun and you can never have too much!
  • Questions? Email MerServe at