Louie D. Newton Award

The Louie D. Newton General Excellence Medal is presented to the graduating student who best exemplifies scholastic achievement, personal integrity and character, service to the campus community and a commitment to spiritual values. The award is named in honor of Dr. Newton, former Mercer professor, Christian journalist, distinguished pastor and renowned denominational leader.

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A graduating student in the College of Liberal Arts, Stetson School of Business, Tift College of Education, School of Engineering, or Townsend School of Music (must have completed final two years of academic study in residency on Mercer-Macon campus).


The criteria used to determine the winner is as follows:

  1. Scholastic Achievement (represents 50% of evaluation)
    • A general love of learning and a scholastic performance sufficient to qualify for graduation with honors – not to be interpreted as departmental honors. 
  2. Personal Qualities (represents 50% of evaluation
    • Personal integrity and character
    • Service to campus community 
    • Service to the community 
    • Commitment to spiritual values 
    • Community service for which the candidate receives academic credit or payment (stipend or salary) is not necessarily to be considered, but may be evaluated on an individual basis

Past Winners


2017 Alayna Celeste Williams
2016 Min Hyun Oh
2015 Raymond Partolan
2014 Lyndssey Autry
2013 Brittany Robinson
2012 Trenton White
2011 Andrew Lockwood
2010 Kathryn Doornbos
2009 Billie Barker Pritchard
2008 John Dortch
2007 Christy Webb
2006 Nicole Nather
2005 John Carroll
2004 Cassandra Shular
2003 Danielle Drury
2002 Kenneth Anthony Taft
2001 Stephanie Shelton
2000 Brian Varisco
1999 Blake Couey
1998 Rob Saxon
1997 Michelle Clendening
1996 Ginna Campbell
1995 Jae Feather, Scott Key
1994 Brian Suckman
1993 Rob Buest
1992 Mike Rafter
1991 William Smith
1991 Dee Nadkarni
1990 Shelle Wilson
1989 Joseph Bean
1988 Chris Dockins
1987 Rhonda Moorman
1986 Allen Anderson
1985 Dusty Kornegay
1984 Janet Quick
1983 Barbara Jean Hendricks
1982 Fallaw Sowell
1981 Warren R. Abel
1980 Linda S. Hester
1979 Ronald C. Gay
1978 George B. Connell, II