Algernon Sydney Sullivan Medal

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Medal was established by the New York Southern Society in 1925 and at Mercer in 1926 in memory of Sullivan, a great humanitarian and philanthropist.  The medal is presented to the graduating senior who best exemplifies excellence in character, leadership, service to the community, and spiritual values. See winners from previous years. Go >


A graduating student in the College of Liberal Arts, Stetson School of Business, Tift College of Education, School of Engineering, or Townsend School of Music (must have completed final two years of academic study in residency on Mercer-Macon campus).


The criteria used to determine the winner are as follows:

  1. Scholastic Achievement (represents 40% of the evaluation – The degree of scholastic achievement shall be considered but not as the primary criterion.)
    • Scholastic performance sufficient to place the candidate in the top thirty-five percent of the graduating class at the time of selection. 
  2. Personal Qualities (represents 60% of the evaluation –The candidate’s leadership qualities and commitment to community service are to receive the primary emphasis in the selection process.) 
    • General excellencies of character and conduct 
    • Leadership qualities in campus affairs 
    • Service to the community 
    • Sense of spiritual values 
    • Community service for which the candidate receives academic credit or payment (stipend or salary) is not necessarily to be considered, but may be evaluated on an individual basis

Past Winners

2017 Timothy Martin Lewis
2016 Austin Harrison
2015 Caroline Cooper
2014 Dalton Turner
2013 Kaitlyn Schmitt
2012 Jordan Locke
2011 Alice Crisp
2010 Hannah Vann
2009 Sarah Emily Hedgis
2008 Elizabeth Carson
2007 Stacy Harwell
2006 William Emerson
2005 Josh Rogers
2004 Tara Jameson
2003 Jennifer Cole
2002 Sonal Dilip Patel
2001 Michael Van Cise
2000 Ryan Turner
1999 Michelle Watson
1998 John Sawyer
1997 Kisha Morris
1996 Clay Thomas
1995 LeAnna Rensi
1994 Tina LaBell
1993 Nicole Glisson
1992 Rick Burnett, Eric O'Dell
1991 Hugh Lawson III
1990 Lynn Creech
1989 Shawn Lanier
1988 Karen Jacobs
1987 Fletcher McElreath
1986 Karyn Langhorne
1985 Cathy Carlisle
1984 Bonnie (Boo) McCue
1983 Bob Waugh
1982 Lynn Walker
1981 Catherine M. Hendricks
1980 Linda S. Hester
1979 Donna R. Jones
1978 Jan A. Neson
1977 William J. Marett, Cindy G. Wynn
1976 George W. Rumsey III, Clenise A. Stonitsch
1975 Neil E. Crain, Martha H. Ham
1974 Marilyn F. Allgood, Watson E. Meeks, Jr.
1973 Bruce A. Gandy, Nancy D. Wood
1972 Herbert J. Gordy, Terry L. Meadors
1971 Anne Longman, David M. Willis
1970 Dorothy A. Ripley, Allen F. Wallace
1969 Rosa M. Babbitt, James E. Bacon
1968 Sandra M. Harrison, David E. Hudson
1967 Jacob Beil, Pamela M. Smith
1966 Betty J. Freeman, John R. Sikes
1965 John C. Harris, Linda L. Tabor
1964 John N. Deal, Sandra G. Watson
1963 Dolores L. Hightower, Julius W. Lowrance
1962 Mary L. Bradley, Floyd H. Sanders
1961 Olin D. Thompson, Glenda L. Tanner
1960 Nancy E. Childs, Walter C. Hendrix
1959 Norman K. Carter, Jr., Sarah L. Cordell
1958 Janet L. Balcolm, Woodrow Richardson, Jr.
1957 Barbara Beindorf, Herbert C. Cottrell, Jr.
1956 Albert S. Johnson, Nancy J. Yates
1955 Ernestine M. Copas, Joseph M. Hendricks
1954 Wade D. Hiltabidel, Leila C. McEleveen
1952 Harold Sangster, Sarah R. Hollingsworth
1951 Robert B. Render, Sarah A. Black
1950 Edwin L. Cliburn, Mary S. Hartley
1949 C. Ray Brewster, Laurie V. Shannan
1948 Woodrow W. Richardson, Rosemary A. Ricks
1947 Pearl Holmes
1946 Garnie Brand
1945 Malcolm Lester, Martha N. Lewis
1944 Thomas C. Kendrick
1943 Alda Cobb
1942 Nathaniel L. Kaderly, Helen F. Klinefelter
1941 Norman Shands
1940 Sam E. Lowe
1934 Mary B. Hyde
1933 Charles E. Lawrence